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<< Dear little Shrubbie!

Where would Hoofbags be without it's resident computer guru? The least I can do is to include a hyperlink to Annierak: her website about walking. Interested in getting fit, loosing a few pounds (in weight) and taking up the facinating hobby of country walking? Take a ganda!


Hello to any new and old visitors. This Website is mainly about 1970ís style hobby electronics and the Website was devised as a means of sharing the fascinating hobby of amateur electronics. The Webmaster has derived so much pleasure from this hobby and the intention here is to assist people in taking it up. For some reason or other, many people who took up hobbytronics also took up the guitar, during the 70s, as these instruments were reasonably affordable and lead to the electric version, which progressed to building effects units and amplification equipment. In the next decade, synth pop was the thing and instead of guitars, portable Yamaha type keyboards were the thing to do. With Webmaster, there was a crossover point: a PSR37 organ was purchased via a friendís catalogue, which progressed onto the implementation of MIDI and attempts to play the thing. Also, Hoofbag got a Christmas present: a Ram Music Machine MIDI interface peripheral for the Sinclair ZX 48K spectrum. Some of the music presented here was composed on said contraption. Hoofbag lives in a community of timber house dwellers and weíve built up a community of residents who have a common interest in resident affairs. This will be of limited interest to anyone not living on our chalet park but influential matters overspill and will also clarify the song upload Germanium Geranium - Palmer Karma, a song written as a protest against the unfair treatment from a greedy land owner in the vicinity. Great fun!

Stain's Dukebox. Hoofbags is a gr8 non-copyright music resource with a large quantity/variety of amateur rock music available for freedownload. For years I've lugged a cassette collection of amateur rock groups, all having hoped to make it with varying success. I took a recording device to every band rehearsal I heard about and have now Web uploaded. If you'd like to listen to very obscure stuff, 'hear' you are! None of the contributors mind you downloading/propigating this stuff, after all, music is meant to be heard. Hyperlink to related sites is picture near to title. Load of titles to groove with: just scroll down




Elis Paul Goddard


It is with huge regret that I have to announce the passing of our glissade player Elis Paul Goddard. Elis passed away on the 30th of July 2023 @ 03:15. He was 58. Elis was the main driving force behind the Electric Cheese Trolley, arranging recording sessions at The Rooms in St Leonards-On-Sea, playing the glissade through various effect pedals, contributing vocals on some of our musical creations and being what could be regarded as a manager, too. There was a sketchy plan to record a vinyl of the ECT music, which was going to have the title Medicine. Instead of this and to celebrate the all too short life of Elis, the decision was made to upload the proposed music tracks to this Hoofbags Web. Sadly, we also say goodbye to Magic Brian, surname unknown and Carlton Jackson, who were occasional guests at our recording sessions, and made a contribution to The Electric Cheese Trolley musical creations. 



Carlton and Cheese Trolley - Knickers


Elis and Stripes

Electric Cheese Trolley - Magic Brian's Guitar Freakout

Elis sorting out something important, apparently.

Electric Cheese Trolley - Magic Brian Vox

Elis was also a skilled metalsmith. In the next box is one of his Aerial Placements >>


In the Hoofbag's humble opinion, the Elis Art to which this hyperlink connects doesn't do the original image justice. Efforts will be made to tet an improved rendering, soon.




m o s t   r e c e n t   s u b m i s s i o n s


New songs for December 2021

Betty Betamax - Bleach Damaged Budgies

Flebbix - Colonic Bidirectional

Betty Betamax - Sonic

Betty Betamax - Kunsong

Betty Betamax - Tourettes Anthem

Betty Betamax - Suck n Blow

Betty Betamax - Pamaliar



Germanium Geranium - Palmer Karma

Betty Betamax - Diversity Bollards

(Haramony Mix)

Germanium Geranium - Life On The Road

Germanium Geranium's Cover of the David Brent Song.

Germanium Geranium - Magum Opioid

Bob and the Slobs - Dead Straight

Bob and the Slobs - Schizophrenic

Ancient Hoofbag Rock: 1977 FMS Band - Anti-Nazi Week Concert

Colin Jackson gave us our music back! (o:

The Hoofbag - Having a Shit

The Hoofbag - Fags or Legs


High Beech Chalet Park vs. Kim Palmer Site


hoofbags host band: Electric Cheese Trolley: wiv' Sid - Bass, Stain - Drums, Ellie - Glissade, Kaz - Percussion n' guest appearances from others on drums as well as udder fings.



The Electric Cheese Trolley - Glissadecho

Music creations inspired by The Bograts Bassist:  Bassman Sid

 Electric Cheese Trolley Going Through a Weird Phase, 3

 The Electric Cheese Trolley - Wine 'n Cheese F. Ekt

Music creations inspired by The Bograts Bass player:  Bassman Sid



Electric Cheese Trolley - Heinz Dry Fear

Submitted August '09

 Electric Cheese Trolley & Starlight Gypsy - Willingdon Rock Session 2

Electric Cheese Trolley - Hall of the Johnathan King 

Hoofbag, wot duz the Website, drummin' 'n sand ingin 'ere' in

 Electric Cheese Trolley  Captain Nibiru Semantic Dillemma

Submitted August '09

A.K.A: The Fish & ironically wiv 'is 'ed necst 2 a 'quarium !

 Electric Cheese Trolley - Authoratar

Electric Cheese Trolley - Infinite Cannon Residue 

 Electric Cheese Trolley - Bedbound Brian 'n his Bagocatheter

 Electric Cheese Trolley - Nemesis Protection

The Electric Cheese Trolley - May Contain Nuts

Right : a church opposite where some of  The Electric Cheese Trolley members live.


 Electric Cheese Trolley - Old Socks

example of what Amstrad Studio 100 is really capable when used correctly


 Electric Cheese Trolley - Sid's Old Boots Trilogy

11 minutes of cheesie mayem! Done with a Ion IED 01Drumkit 2 - 3

 Electric Cheese Trolley - Bureaucrat Gone (It's Explitational)

Submitted July '09


 Electric Cheese Trolley Overdrive

Sadly, one of our guest members: has blown his mind by taking too much skunk. Hope you get your head together soon Dan, but he won't be doing music with us again.

Electric Cheese Trolley Skunk Paranoia

Sadly, one of our guest members: has blown his mind by taking too much skunk. Hope you get your head together soon Dan, but he won't be doing music with us again.

 Electric Cheese Trolley - Mean Pluck 'n Slide

Submitted July '09

Electric Cheese Trolley - Crash Development

 Electric Cheese Trolley - Marklar

Inspired by and including audio samples from Saaf Park. Submitted July '09 13 minutes of Stilton Style Stereo Sound!

Bassman Sid, this section's main inspiration influence, gives his approval.

Electric Cheese Trolley Cheese Roll

 Electric Cheese Trolley - Different Phases

Zombiewind - I Can Smell Your Brains * (!)

Another one of Bassman Sid's

Electric Cheese Trolley - Going Through

Electric Cheese Trolley - Going Through a Weird Phase, 1

Electric Cheese Trolley Going Through a Weird Phase, 2


 Electric Cheese Trolley & The Starlight Gypsy - Bacteriam Direction

Electric Cheese Trolley & The Starlight Gypsy - Starlight Blaze

Electric Cheese Trolley - Reach It

Electric Cheese Trolley - Stilton Mould Nightmare


What we record this stuff on: Amstrad Studio 100   

I got 2! So why do we still use it? Fundamentally, coz we're skint! The fact that this relic from the '80s still works is a credit to Amstrad who, at the time, had a reputation of cheap 'n nasty. A lot of their stuff was crap but occasionally Amstrad made a nice bit of gear. This studio 4-track wasn't cheap, though: it retailed at about £300 in the mid 80's. All reasonably priced multitrackers are only capable of recording two tracks at once but as The Electric Cheese Trolley has 4 members, we each need a dedicated track. When we've  recorded a Tascam 4 into 2L and 2R, it's impossible to get absolutely correct settings for master mixdown. There is the Fostex MR8HD which is capable of recording on 4 of it's tracks simultaniously 'n as a recording hobbyist, I'm lookin' 2 get. To use this true 4-track correctly, assuming U  can get a working one, ensure each channels VU meter  adequately  responds to the input signal, not too often into the red. The function and selector switches must be set to 'STUDIO' and it's necessary to set the  input channel REC/OFF/PLAY select, below

Fixed by Stain, a true 4-track studio: Love it!

Amstrad Studio 100 wot Sid took out a skip!

each.channel PAN knob, according with required task. You must repeat this action on the REC/PLAY/LEFT select over fader 6. Also, do the same on the REC/PLAY/RIGHT ones, above the MASTER fader. These actions must happen between every recording and auditioning attempt: a bit tiresome but you quickly get used to it. The upper cassette deck isn't much use and best avoided for recording purposes, at least it's the case with my example. Instead, use AUX out, via phono into another recorder. I enjoy the challenge of using a cheap bit of disregarded equipment and getting the best out of it. Additionally, it's interesting to give the various band members an opportunity to try different mixdowns to hear what they come up with. One problem here is that Studio 100's 4 track deck uses the ferric formulation, whereas most others are chrome. Sid mixes down the studio 4-track on a Fostex X-12, onto a standard stereo recorder. Playing a ferric tape on a chrome bias machine demonstrates no ill effects here but a user is

  generally likely to run into difficulties if the chrome/ferric stipulation rule is ignored. A cassette tape costs about 98p whereas a similar length Smart Media card for the Zoom MRS 4 is £25 and you get comparable results. The Studio 100 also has a HiFi/DJ/Studio mode select switch. I've no idea what the DJ function does and there don't appear to be any downloadable PDF manuals for it. When Studio 100 was first available, it got poor reviews. It's an underrated piece of quality kit, a fact demonstrated by the sound quality of electric Cheese Trolley tracks when always used. All faults have been traced to any of the numerous pre-set pots being dirty 'n can be corrected by a tiny adjustment/application of Servisol. Drive-belts are very difficult to replace but so far this hasn't been necessary. Pity it's no longer made but they often appear on eBay for as little as £5. If you want to get into multitracking really really cheaply, snap one up while they're at this low price. Astrad = Alan Michael Sugar TRaDing: of Aprentice fame!






Flebbix 'n Sid - Cyberflux

 Flebbix Trell 'n Sid - Tremors

 Flebbix Sid'nFish - No Boundaries

 Flebbix - Knees Up (!)

Stain's cover of a traditional music-hall song

Flebbix Ellis 'n Sid - Mantle

 Flebbix Ellis 'n Sid - The Oscillatrist

Flebbix 'n Sid - Sun Jam

Flebbix Fish'n Sid - Rotairaloniac

  Flebbix Fish 'n Sid - Contrarock

 Flebbix - Verbaltix

  Flebbix - Wot's Goin' On

  Flebbix - Ogceanic

  Flebbix - Transtomp

 Flebbix - Omlecca

  Flebbix - Blanticon

Flebbix - Aquasphere

Flebbix - Hear Me Now

Flebbix - Igloobie

 Flebbix - Stain Breaks

Flebbix - Toiletbowl Exploration

Flebbix - Sewer Blues (!)

Flebbix - Ain't Never Dun Nuffingk (!)

 Flebbix - Dorial

instumental dun on Sinclair Spectum / Ram Music Machine

 Flebbix - Are You Alive? (!)

 Flebbix - It Wozent Very Nice(!)

Flebbix - Huptoopfreep

 Jas'nFlebbix - Masque-on Wardback

 Flebbix - Permarock  

Flebbix - Eparamel

 Flebbix - Wassa Ma'ah (!)

Flebbix - Ur Ur Ergh!

obscure political hypothesis

 Flebbix - Akwahmoreen

 Flebbix - Monotone Rock

 Flebbix - AudiOnanism

Stain on Bass/Lead/Drums

 Flebbix - Incidental Pluck Session

 Flebbix - Thoughts of a Rhyming Nature

Flebbix - Wired In

 Flebbix - Phlebnal Green

Flebbix'n Sid - Rotaroloniac Treck Sid Remix


 Hoofbags - Donkaa

 Hoofbags - Imminent Human Extinction

Hoofbags - Squimipa


Out Of Control were the most underrated punk band in the London 1980s. These recordings were done in a squat using a budget cassette recorder.

 Out Of Control Shear Vanity


 Out Of Control - All Your Yesterdays


 Out Of Control - Fantasy


 Out Of Control - Inside Out


Out Of Control - It Don't Make Sense


Out Of Control - More and More


Out Of Control -  Run


Out Of Control - Secret Love






Chewnsmiff - Makeastar

Chewnsmiff - Rayvenplayne

Chewnsmiff - Let's Go

Chewnsmiff - Stainblipper En Sopp



Poultice - Space 

  Poultice - Tensinbeet

With Nial Bruner: Guitar

 Poultice & Flebbix - Psyclesparsecond

Poultice reform 'n unite with Flebbix for this choon 

 Poultice - Roseka


Meditation experience in Epping Forest

Poultice - Stick 'o Rock (!)

Warning: offensive language

 Poultice - Broken CountRe (!)

Jaye Griffiths 'swearing' on prime time TV

Poultice - IVF Kid

 Poultice - Stainverb

Poultice feat: Freebird Smith - Webb Studio Session 1





 Chris Simpson - Ruph String

 Baird House Rockers - They Broke In

Kaz'n Liz - Ritual Drum

Heavy Wood - Jam Session Guitar by Nial Bruner with Simon, bass


 T Chest Blues - Baby Let's Play House

  T Chest Blues - Track 3

 T Chest Blues - Heartbreak Hotel

Dead Town Cats - Hastings


Sinclair Spectrum Music Group

The 80s was the birth of and an exciting time for home computer music. The Sinclair Spectrum had a great MIDI add-on called the Ram Music Machine. It's unknown whether this group still exists but my Music Machine and +2 Amstrad Spectrum still work and is a useful music composition tool. The six music submissions immediately below are taken from tapes sent out to all the club members. Lower in this table are ten of my own that appear elswhere on this page.

  MM User Group - Members submission 

 David Etheridge - Revolution

 Dave Sheriff - Coventry

Simon Daw - Delightful

 Simon Daw - Play With Acid

Simon Daw - Leaving Love


Host artist Ram Music Machine compositions

 Stain'n Shrub - Carisbrooke Beat

 Lazerettes - Synfony Electronique

Lazerettes - Cloigue!

Lazerettes - Maypole Robots

 Lazerettes - Flintipod

 Lazerettes - Frantic

Lazerettes - Gemluv

Lazerettes - Skitsofrenik

Ecos - Chocolate

  Flebbix - Dorial


Truncheon Meat Squad

 Truncheon Meat Squad - 19 Magdalen Road


Truncheon Meat Squad - Silly Noises



 FMS Band

FMS Band: Nick Lyne, Bable Wallace, Bob the Slob Tony Jackson and Crispin, bored students having a laugh when no money for beer.

Band formed for a concert during Anti-Nazi week in about 1978 Location: Kingsway Princeton College, Camden, London. Submissions are rehearsal sessions rescued from cassettes.

FMS Band

FMS Dou - Loaf a Bread

 FMS Dou - Doggie Blues

 FMS Band - Worried Man

  FMS Band - They're Watchin' Me

 FMS Band - Geeza

FMS Band - Innit

FMS Band - Paranoiacca

FMS Band - A Quiet Taste

FMS Band - Walkin' Daan 'T Street

FMS Band - Guvnor

The FMS Band songs are included for interest of those who remember them when they used to rehearse near the canteen at Kingsway Princeton College, N London. Tony Jackson, bass, didn't turn up because he was working as a sewerman during rehearsals: hence the evident lack of this instrument on these 1977 recordings. The band did a performance at the Anti-Nazi League, Kingsway college rally that was really good. This recording is included above. Band line-up: Nick Lyne - Guitar, Bob the Slob - Guitar, Babel Wallace - Vocals, Crispin - Drums, and Tony Jackson. FMS = Film and Music Society, affiliated to the Student Union for the purpose of allocating funds for the purchase of amplification equipment.



Kev was a bass guitarist/vocalist in Hibiscus, living in a student block, Wapping Wall, London, early 80s. I borrowed a cassette tape with Hibiscus music on it, copied it and uploaded it here for all to hear. The copy was done on 2 home-built cassette machines and, at the time, CB radios were very popular. It is just possible to hear a conversation within the backgfound noise, owing to the inadequate screening of my machines: Living in Hackney, I was even poorer then!   All members were superlative musicians, notation capable. Kev was later in a band called A-Level.

Hibiscus - Instrumental 2

Hibiscus - Instrumental 1


 Hibiscus - Gravity



Ecos: songs on an environmentally friendly theme

DJ Kirsty B and Stain got together in the 90s and wrote songs. These were put onto some cassettes, named Ecos and sold to raise money for Women's Environmental Network campaign funds.

 Ecos - Mahogany Is Murder

Song about the Mahogany trade and it's damage on ancient rainforests

 Ecos - Carbon Monoxide & Hydrocarbons

 Ecos - Waves

Instrumental track done by Stain to help fill up the Ecosounds tape.

Ecos - Global Warning

As it sez on the tin

Ecos - Urban Polar Flight Mix

Music to Youtube vid (below) about urban farming

Ecos 'ounds - We Gotta

Ecos members getting together for a studio session with Tony Zanvliet from Holland on drums

Ecos - Chocolate

Electronic music arrangement with vocal track about coco pickers exploitation: Ram Music Machine.

 Ecos - Borial

About the Borial forest destruction caused through paper wastage.

Ecos - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Rap

Song 'bout illniss wot Stain supharz fwom, innit!

Ecos - Acid Rain

To View D.J. Kirsty B's Youtube video: left click on picture >>

Ecos - Save The Earth



Eye became Psi & when Psi Steve arrived, and eventually evolved into Nukli. Mostly improvised anarchic rock, some planned compositions or mixtures of both. Band name depended pretty much on whoever turned up and when, at various squats where band members lived, and when Linda Isvara, guitar/singing, there we were Antakarana/Akashatak. Majik Mark was the key member and played in all these bands: initially drums, later bass guitar and later still; bass/vocal. They're still going, click on Majik hyperlink picture below. Got loads of their stuff still to go!

Psi-Nukli - Psi Theme (Sep'84)

 Psi-Nukli - Raw Improvisation (Sep'84)

 Psi - Excerpt from Psychelektra Trip Projectcta

Psi-Nukli - Sunshine (Sep'84)

 Psi-Nukli - Psi Steve Choon (Sep'84) 

   Psi-Nukli - Side Effects Track1  

  Psi-Nukli - Hoo-Ha

 Psi-Nukli - Invented Then (Sep'84)

Psi-Nukli - September Improrock 1984-2

 Psi-Nukli - Wild Jam (Sep'84)

 Psi-Nukli - September Improrock 1984-1


Eye - Dawn Break

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar 

Linda Isvara's Akasahatak - Akullilowt

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar 

Linda Isvara's Akasahatak - Harmonious Vibrations

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

 Linda Isvara's Akasahatak - Layedback Vibeat

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

 Linda Isvara's Akasahatak - Stainondrmmajikonbass

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

 Linda Isvara's Akasahatak - General Improvisation

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

Linda Isvara's Akasahatak - Blues Left Me

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

Linda Isvara's Akasahatak - Transmission Higher

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

Linda Isvara's Akasahatak - Unkommon Tym Sig

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

 Linda Isvara's Akasahatak - Transmission Hi

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

Linda Isvara's Akasahatak - Goto There 'n Not Come Back

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

 Linda Isvara's Akasahatak - Akashimprovision

With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

Eye - Salt 'n Pepper Daleks

  Eye - Follow Me

Eye - Creatures


Eye - Forever

Eye - Ball


With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

Eye - Turquoise


With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

Eye - Transmission High


With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

Eye - Harmonious Vibrations


With Linda Isvara on Vocals and rhythm Guitar

Majik Mark about '87


  Linda Isvara's Akashatak/Antakarana

Harmonious Vibrations Website: left click on picture. Linda Isvara is also L. Steer.




    The Brown Stripes - How Was Your Flight Don? (!)

from Sid

Six Foot Savage - Weapons of Mass Deception

A Bassman Sid Contribution


The Bograts: Hastings based Punk/Metal band with, Sid - Bass / Bev - singning and keyboards  / Boris - singing / Chucky - guitar / Will - drums

The Bograts - Bograt Strut

The Bograts - Bogrock

The Bograts - Borin' Bollocks/Red Wine

The Bograts - Fluffy

The Bograts - Drum 'n Bass 2

The Bograts - Enbarlok

The Bograts - Instro 2

The Bograts - Little Red House

The Bograts - Insto 1

The Bograts - Living In A Box

The Bograts - The Levellers Song

The Bograts - Prison

The Bograts - Through My Eyes

The Bograts - Lunatics

The Bograts - Prison Instro Short

The Bograts - Wankin' On The Moon

The Bograts - Not Another Levellers Song

The Bograts - Ska Version Living In A Box

The Bograts - Drum 'n Bass 1

The Bograts - Bog jam

The Bograts - F**kin' 'bout Motor 'ed





Trenchfoot - Silver Machine

 Trenchfoot - Sweet Leaf Jam


  Trenchfoot - Binman (Chainsaw Version)

Trenchfoot is not only a illness suffered by soldiers and tramps, but the name of a Hastings based punk-metal band. There's another band with the same name but this is trenchfoot UK.



Broken Liver


Broken Liver - Planet of the Killer Apes

  Broken Liver - I F***ed Your Mother (!)

   Broken Liver- Master of the End of the F***kin' Universe(!)

 Broken Liver - The Thought Police  

Broken Liver - Interstellar Underpants (!)

  Broken Liver - Planet of the Killer Apes (improved Version)

Broken Liver - Giraffe

 Broken Liver - Hey You

Broken - Liver Instroduction

Some of the members of Trenchfoot are also in Broken Liver, Bassman Sid for example but also Chucky on guitar.



Vegamp was a music project set up to raise funds by volunteers working for the Vegan Society when in St. Leonards-On-Sea, now Birmingham. Two CDs were released with moderate success. Most of the tracks on both CDs are available here. All poems and worded songs were written on a Vegan theme and they're included here with intention of spreading the Vegan ethos. Vegamp = Vegan Art Music and Poetry (acronym)

 Vegamp - Sanstuph

a psudo orchestral by Stain

  Vegamp - Veganthem

proposed anthem for vegan lifestyle, a psudo orchestral by Stain

 Vegamp - Live Exports (Huddled Mix)

a protest song about the animal export trade: words: Debbie Holman: tune:Dean Robinson arranged/performed: Stain

 Vegamp- Blood On Your Feet

words: Debbie Holman - sung by Debs, Kaz & Gemma - arrangement: Stain 

Vegamp - Animal Auschwitz

Words/performed: Debbie Holman: tune/arrangement: Stain 

  Vegamp - Butcher's Shop

words: Debbie Holman, performed arranged: Stain 

 Vegamp - August

poem about natural changing seasons written/performed: Debbie Holman, Kaz/Stain: Bojeran

  Vegamp - A Poem For Shac

Words/performed: Debbie Holman: tune/arrangement: Stain

  Vegamp - Get 'Em Out  

written by Andy Tayor: arranged/perfomed: Kaz 'n Stain

Vegamp - Dealers In Death

words: Debbie Holman, performed arranged: Stain/Kaz

Vegamp - Killed For Your Family's Plate

words: Debbie Holman, arrangement: Stain, performed: Mike Hart

Vegamp - Flight

words: Debbie Holman, tune/performed: Kaz, arranged: Stain 

  Vegamp - Live Exports

unplugged version - Dean Robinson guitar/tune, words: Debbie Holman

 Vegamp - Look Away

a ccapella sung by Kaz, Liz: tune, words: Debbie Holman

 Vegamp - What Right

Words by Debbie: music arrangement and performance: Stain.

Vegamp - Vegan World

Words by Debbie: music arrangement and performance: Stain.

 Vegamp Extra - Meat

Choon using dRhumba drum software

Vegamp - Milk Song

 Vegamp - Sunday Roast

Words/music: Stain. Sung by Kaz

 Vegamp - Vegan Days

Words by Debs music written/performed: Stain.

Vegamp- Dark Eyes of Angels

Words: Debbie Holman - performed and arranged by Stain: about baby seal culling.

  Vegamp - Zoo Slavery

Words/performed: Debbie Holman: tune/arrangement: Stain

 Andy Taylor - No Tolerance (Vegamp)

 Andy Taylor - Crazy World (Vegamp)

 Andy Taylor didn't work for the Vegan Society, although Vegan. He kindly contributed two songs to the CDs and invited Vegamp members to contribute towards his songs.

Because his musical ability is superior to the rest of Vegamp we include his songs here separately. Many people say he sounds a bit like how John Lennon sounded, an artist he is a fan of.


John Meriman 1961 - 2016

John Meriman died during January 2016. The Hoofbags Web is proud to have had the privalege of supporting him and presenting his unique music. For more on this remarkable man, click on 'John' below.


 The Lovely Dreggs - The People Person

(recorded 28th August 09)

The Lovely Dreggs - I Became Confounded

(recorded 28th August 09)

The Lovely Dreggs - My Pet Fly

(recorded 28th August 09)

 The Lovely Dreggs - Don't Drink The Water

 The Lovely Dreggs - What To Do

 The Lovely Dreggs - Concentration City

email John 'n The Dreggs gig manager: also he'd love to hear from you and appreciate some feedback!

 The Lovely Dreggs - Caustic Acoustic - Why Kill The Mystery

 The Lovely Dreggs - Caustic Accoustic - Don't Answer The Door

Tuesday: Mr. Twangies Open Mike, 7:30 - 11:15 The Rooms, St. Leonards-On-Sea as above: 17/6/'08

Lovely Dreggs - My Area's Gone


Lovely Dreggs - Caustic Accoustic - Blood Red Heart Of Stone

 The Lovely Dreggs - Caustic Accoustic - Four Legged Birds

 The Lovely Dreggs - Caustic Accoustic - Lost Again

 John Merriman - Compound Eyes

John Merriman - Kleptomania

The Lovely Dreggs - Plastic Cynic

The Lovely Dreggs - Geezer

 The Lovely Dreggs - This Place Is Weird

 The Lovely Dreggs - Confusion Guaranteed

 The Lovely Dreggs - Caustic Accoustic - Don't Answer The Door

 The Lovely Dreggs - Wax Irritable




 The Lovely Dreggs - Psychic Health Warning

The Lovely Dreggs - Phlegm City

Music Submission from John's Archive

The Lovely Dreggs - Onto The Next

Music Submission from John's Archive

The Lovely Dreggs - The Phantom Admin Officer

 The Lovely Dreggs - The Bloke Next Door


The Lovely Dreggs - Anonymous Alcove

 The Lovely Dreggs - My New Car

The Lovely Dreggs - Mr. Predicter

The Lovely Dreggs - You Lucked Out

The Lovely Dreggs - Dipstick International

 The Lovely Dreggs - Wax Irritable

The Lovely Dreggs - Ideal Clone Exhibition

The Lovely Dregs - Out in the Cold Void

The Lovely Dreggs - Duck Discussion

Anton Dregg - Pocket Billiards

Anton Dregg - It's Got to be Broccoli

Anton Dregg - You Look Rather Fetching in your Strait Jacket

 The Lovely Dreggs - Dipstick International

 The Lovely Dreggs - Flash

 The Lovely Dreggs - Uncertain Stroll

The Lovely Dreggs - Internal Exile

 The Lovely Dreggs - The Man In the Van

The Lovely Dreggs - Untitled Slow One

 The Lovely Dreggs - Going To Work (ambient)

The Lovely Dreggs - Malefactors R Us

The Lovely Dreggs - Second hand Man

 The Lovely Dreggs - Caustic Accoustic - External Memory

The Lovely Dreggs - Onto The Next

 The Lovely Dreggs - It's The New Day

   The Lovely Dreggs - Welcome Mat

 The Lovely Dreggs - Caustic Acoustic - Intro Bit

 <The Lovely Dreggs - Heady Medow CD. The Lovely Dreggs, in the form of John Merriman's solo act, performs on the Hastings' gigging circuit and regularly at The Rooms, St. Leonards-On-Sea, opposite Warrior Sq. Station. John only plays music that he writes himself and presents his songs in a unique 'dark' style, about  uniquely percieved and extremely diverse subjects. Example:  "I'm In Love With Emergency Exits" (!)



John - Condemned To Debt (Live)

 John - Do Not Relate (Live)

John 'n The Dreggs - Cold Custard (Recorded Live)

John 'n The Dreggs - I'm In Love With Emergency Exits (Recorded Live)

John 'n The Dreggs - Four Legged Birds (Recorded Live)

 The JM Music Project - Smoking Outside

Kaz: vocal, synth, pipe. Stain: drums. John: Guitar

The JM Music Project - Things To Do

Kaz: vocal, synth, pipe. Stain: drums. John: Guitar

The JM Music Project - Enlightenment

Kaz: vocal, synth, pipe. Stain: drums. John: Guitar


 Rob Ramsden at Mr T's - Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter

Rob Ramsden at Mr. Twangies - The Big Bang Theory Universe Expansion Song

Pictures in left and right panes: Rob Ramsden playing at Mr. Twangy's

 Rob Ramsden at Mr. Twangy's - The Ricky Ticky Mongoose Song

Rob Ramsden at Mr Twangy's  Harmony

 Rob Ramsden at Mr Twangy's - Let's Face The Music

Rob Ramsden at Mr Twangy's The Sausage Song


Chewns wot woz dun by the Stain when it was in it's 30s during the 80s - 90s

 Lazerettes - Synfony Electronique

instumental dun on Sinclair Spectum / Ram Music Machine

 Lazerettes - Cloigue!

instumental dun on Sinclair Spectum / Ram Music Machine

Lazerettes - Maypole Robots

instumental dun on Sinclair Spectum / Ram Music Machine

Lazerettes - Casio KB SNG

Lazerettes - D Shaped Guitar

Lazerettes - Skitsofrenik

instumental dun on Sinclair Spectum / Ram Music Machine

 Flebbix'nLazerettes- Spladdle

Lazerettes - Vestax Multi Impro

 Lazerettes - Flintipod

instumental dun on Sinclair Spectum / Ram Music Machine

Lazerettes & Nial - DD10 Kuph

Lazerettes - Clean Guitar in D Flat

Lazerettes & Nial - Guitarmantra

 Lazerettes - Composition

Lazerettes - Eastern Boogeration

Lazerettes - Que eYer Impro

Lazerettes - Bambibeat

 Lazerettes - Evolved

Lazerettes - Beacon

Lazerettes - Bassicorchestral

  Lazerettes - Shame

 Lazerettes - Frantic

instumental dun on Sinclair Spectum / Ram Music Machine

 Lazerettes - Vestax Multi Impro

 Lazerettes - In The Night

 Lazerettes - Bit By Bit

Lazerettes - Gemluv

instumental dun on Sinclair Spectum / Ram Music Machine

 Lazerettes - Shroud

  Lazerettes - Psy Phye Audio Landscape

Nial Bruner & Stain

 Lazerettes - M.E.

Song about Myalgic Encephalomielitis

What makes these choons a bit better was that Nial Bruner helped by playin' guitar at times. Additionally, some of the tracks were done on the Ram Music Machine: a popular 80s midi Sinclair Spectrum add-on and software package


Michael - at Mr. T's Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter

Michael at Mr. Twangy's - The Chain

Michael incorperates some interesting Tibetan overtoning at the start of this song

  Michael at Mr. Twangy's - When I Become King 

Michael at Mr. Twangy's - 1st Song

 Michael at Mr. Twangy's - When I Become King (second session)


  Michael at Mr. Twangy's  Wash Down In The Rain




Louise at Mr.T's - Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter

 Louise at Mr Twangy's - She Is Beauty

 Louise at Mr Twangy's - Stir It Up

  Louise at Mr. Twangie's - Firefly



Andy 'n Gary: Folk/Rock guitar duet at Mr T's - On occasion both Gary or Andy will appear here as a solo act.

 Gary at Mr Twangy's - Folk Song 1 (Recorded Live: Expergated)

Gary experienced a series of technical problems during this recording so chunks of the song are missing: we did our best to retrieve the best parts of his performance.

Andy 'n Gary at Mr Twangy's - I don't want To Wait In Vain For Your Love (cover)

  Gary at Mr Twangy's - Guitar 'n Vocal Song




Shievah at Mr. T's - Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter

 Shiva at Mr Twangy's - Taming the Dragon

Shievah is pictured in right Left and above panes.

 Shiva at Mr Twangy's - Racing


Hope at Mr.T's - Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter

 Hope at Mr. Twangy's - Broken Bones

Hope at Mr. Twangy's - Don't Waste Your Mind On Me


Niel at Mr.T's - Penny Whistle Player


Naughty Haggis

Niel at Mr. Twangy's - The Scottish Penny Whistle Song

 Niel so effectively creating a Scottish atmosphere that I seriously thought a naughty haggis was gonna jump up and bite me on the botty!

 Niel at Mr. Twangy's - The Welsh Penny Whistle Song

A presentation demonstrating that Mr. T's isn't only about accoustic folk/rock and guitars! The echo Mr. Twangy puts on Niel's performance sounded like Rooms and audience had descended into a mysterious deep canvern !


Mark at Mr.T's - Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter


 Mark at Mr Twangy's - Yellow Brick Road (cover)

Mark at Mr. Twangy's - The Story

<< Mark in session: click on image for larger picture

Mark at Mr. Twangy's - Smile For Me

Mark at Mr. Twangy's - The Edge

(Recorded July 2009)

Mark at Mr. Twangy's - The Woops Blues (2nd rendition)

 Mark at Mr. Twangy's - Song 2 (Always Be There)

Mark at Mr. Twangy's - Yellow Walls


 Dave of the Possessed at Mr.T's - Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter

Dave from The Possessed...

The Possessed - Airhead

Recorded live Performance by Dave

...performing songs from his Cat's Life CD.

The Possessed - Pain

Recorded live Performance by Dave

The Possessed - You Can't do That

Recorded live Performance by Dave

   The Possessed - Sad Sad Sea

 The Possessed - I Think You're Hot 

 The Possessed - Pain


Dave Roberts - The Possessed - Greed



 Richard Hart and Mike at Mr.T's - Guitar 'n Vocal  Duo / Singers / Songwriters

Mike 'n Richard - California Dreamin' (cover)

Performed live at The Rooms

Mike 'n Richard - Knock on Heaven's Door

Performed live at The Rooms

  Mike at Mr Twangy's - Will You Still Love Me

Mike - Guitar Music


 Mike at Mr Twangy's - Only

 Mike at Mr Twangy's - For My Love


Mr. Twangy 'n Rob at Mr.T's - Music Performers / Event Organisers / Proprietor

 Mr. Twangie - Acoustic Introduction

 Not a garden gnome, but Mr. Twangy being happy! His Open Mike events started at the Gritty Palace, on Hastings Pier. Unfortunately the Pier closed on 21st June '06, the Gritty along with it. Mr. T's O M was re-launched at The Rooms but that also closed in about 2011.



Red Diesel - Justify By Silence

  Local Hastings Band: Click on picture for more info about gigs.


 Havoc are a semi-professional rock band with a devoted fan-base in Hastings, East Sussex.

Havoc - Get Lost 

local Hastings rock band With Mandy B

Havoc - Silent Caller

local Hastings rock band With Mandy B

Havoc - Wounded

local Hastings rock band With Mandy B

Havoc - Beneath You

local Hastings rock band With Mandy B


 Majik Mark Huxley the bassist in Psi-Nukli also played drums in Eye.


Above Picture: some of the artists and musicians involved in the making of this music.

 Flebbix,Vegamp, Hoofbags and Zombiewind tracks: were engineered by Liz Costa (Stain) on various bits of equipment which are: Tascam Porta 02 MKII, Tascam MF-P01, Fostex X-12, Amstrad Studio 100, Zoom MRS4 Tascam Porta 05HS, Ram/Spectrum Music Machine, Atari STFM and some others to be mentioned later. All my equipment is budget range and therefore I can't anticipate how the music will sound on your equipment: I've no formal sound engineering training whatsoever. Sid: Broken Liver/Trenchfoot UK/The Bograts, plays a variety of instruments and engineered The Brown Stripes, Six-Foot Savage, Zombiewind & some of the Trenchfoot/Broken Liver tracks on a Tascam MF-P01.

The music presented next to this symbol >   represents our best efforts to restore material from music projects recorded on budget cassette tape recorders dating back to the late 70ís and at that time, it was about all we had and none of us could afford even a cassette multi-tracker: the first one having been developed at about that time by Tascam. Consequently, the sound quality is incomparable to that, from contemporary digital equipment but the tracks may be valued as important historic events for those involved, and to whom they may primarily be of interest.

Flebbix, Zombiewind and Hoofbags are the same host band of this site and are Sid - Bass, Elly - Oscillator and Stain (Me) on drums/ Vocal/Guitar /Keyboards. The Lazerettes are the 4 tracks on my multitracker and are all done by me but the amazingly talented guitarist Nial Bruner makes guest appearances at times. Sum folks will fink many songs is shit but music appreciation is subjective, well that's my excuse, anyway! Professional recording companies won't release some of this type of music and they sometimes dictate choice in this respect, so if you want something a bit different and off the beaten track here's where to find it. The Bograts are still together. The Psi-Nukli September '84 tracks were taken from a cassette tape, the recordings of which was done on a worn-out old Hitachi cassette machine left running on the rehearsal room floor: actually Linda Steer's (Aka: Linda Isvara of Harmoniuos Vibration Productions ) flat where she lived together with Mark Huxley who played Drums. Also present was Psi Steve Nadler & Stain (me at 29!) taking turns on Bass & LeadGuitar: unfortunately, you can hear a blown speaker noise in the bass stack.


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